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Welcome to G.V Robertson Construction (Pty) Ltd

We are longstanding earthmoving contractors specialising in the construction and repair of earth dams as well as plantation destumping. We have added to our services the construction of concrete spillways and weirs, as well as gabions.

G.V Robertson Construction (Pty) Ltd has thus far successfully constructed innumerable earth dams and can proudly state, with an excellent record.

G.V. (Gordon Victor) Robertson's company was 'born and bred' in the Plaston/White River district of the then Eastern Transvaal Lowveld in 1957, building dams on privately owned game farms to supplement the natural water supply for game.

Core trenches and most other work was done manually in those times. An old tractor and a borrowed scraper did the bulk earthworks. Needless to say building a dam sometimes took far longer than in these times.
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The company slowly expanded, increasing the fleet of machines. Robbie Robertson joined forces in 1991.